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April 19, 2015


Acupuncture is not regulated in the UK. This effectively means that anyone can buy a box of needles on eBay and call themselves an acupuncturist! Following these five steps will ensure that you find a qualified, safe practitioner who is right for you.


1.  Choose a typ...

April 17, 2015


How to eat

Spring is a topsy turvy time of year. Everything changes rapidly – cold one moment, hot the next, calm in the morning and windy by midday. This means that your body has to work extra hard to maintain its equillibrium.


You can help it out by eating three meal...

April 15, 2015

Spring belongs to the Wood Element in Chinese philosophy, and the emotion associated with the Wood Element is anger. But surely Spring is about hope, not anger? Well, in Chinese medicine, hope and (healthy) anger are pretty much the same thing. In its Daoist sense, ang...

According to Chinese medicine, there are five aspects to our physical and mental-emotional world. These are often called the Five Elements. Each Element influences how we think, feel and relate to the world in a different way. The Wood Element gives us our sense of rig...

April 8, 2015

Mike and Emma’s challenge

Emma (33) and Mike (35) came to see me after trying for a baby for 5 years. Mike’s sperm count was at the low end of the healthy range. From a Chinese medical perspective, Mike’s high stress levels and post-sex exhaustion meant that work could...

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