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British Acupuncture Council membership guarantees that we are fully trained and adhere to strict safety and professional conduct guidelines.

We are on a voluntary register that is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. Accreditation demonstrates our commitment to high professional standards, to enhancing safety and delivering a better service.

Meet the team

(BSc Hons Acu, MBAcC, Lic Ac)

Sarah uses traditional acupuncture to help people achieve better physical health and mental-emotional wellbeing. Sarah's reputation for excellence resulted in her being featured in the January 2015 edition of Cotswold Life magazine. In addition to her private practice at Corinium Acupuncture, Sarah... read more

(BSc Hons Acu, MBAcC, Lic Ac)

My journey to acupuncture has developed over many years. In my twenties I worked in the National Health Service (NHS) as a midwife and was trying for a baby myself. I had seen acupuncture used during pregnancy, birth and post-natal care and this made me opt for acupuncture to improve my physical and mental wellbeing. I learned some important pointers for my health and ... read more

(Lic Ac, MBAcC)

Claire completed the first two years of a four-year degree-level course before moving back to the UK with her family. The course included Western biomedicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese nutrition, cupping and tui na. After settling back in the UK, Claire resumed her acupuncture training by completing a 3-year degree-level course at The Acupuncture Academy, where she chose to deepen her understanding of Chinese medical philosophy by pursuing the classical Five Element tradition... read more

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