Alison Curtis, Acupuncturist

(BSc Hons Acu, MBAcC, Lic Ac)

My journey to acupuncture has developed over many years. In my twenties I worked in the National Health Service (NHS) as a midwife and was trying for a baby myself. I had seen acupuncture used during pregnancy, birth and post-natal care and this made me opt for acupuncture to improve my physical and mental wellbeing. I learned some important pointers for my health and realised acupuncture’s potential.


When working as a midwife became incompatible with being a mum of four children I searched the internet and discovered the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM). Their integrated approach to acupuncture of treating both the whole person as well as their symptoms, appealed and I applied to their three and a half-year study program. Two weeks later I was sat in a classroom learning the art and science of acupuncture from world-renowned experts who have probably forgotten more than I will ever know. I qualified with a BSc degree in Acupuncture & Chinese medicine. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Acupuncture can be used on all ages (including children) all genders and for a wide range of conditions including anxiety, depression, fertility, labour, migraine, muscular-skeletal pain, pregnancy, post-natal care, sleep issues and stress. I use a variety of other techniques including cupping, guasha and moxibustion.


I love acupuncture and never cease to be amazed at its effectiveness. I believe that acupuncture offers therapeutic benefit far beyond the needles. Getting to know my clients and see them have more energy and clarity in their lives is inspirational.

I am a member of the BAcC (British Acupuncture Council), the professional body for acupuncturists.

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