What is tui na?

Tui na is a form of Chinese medical massage used to treat pain and stiffness, as well as other complaints like digestive problems.


It includes an extensive range of physical techniques including gentle gliding movements, kneading and pulling actions, tapping, shaking and joint manipulation.

Is it sports massage?

Like remedial and sports massage, tui na aims to invigorate blood flow, free fascia and release muscle tension.


Unlike remedial massage, movements follow the acupuncture channels that run over your body, and the practitioner may choose to focus on particular acupuncture points along these channels.

What does tui na feel like?

Your experience of tui na will depend on the techniques used to treat your particular symptoms.


Many people find tui na soothing and relaxing. For others, it feels similar to deep tissue massage.


Telling your practitioner what you are feeling during tui na will help them adapt what they are doing to make it more effective.