What does the Year of the Fire Rooster have in store?

At Chinese New Year on 28th January, the calamitous Year of the Fire Monkey will be over, but what will the Fire Rooster throw our way? Lilian Bridges from the Lotus Institute has taken a good long look at the year ahead in her article. If you fancy a quick read, here’s our summary. Of course, it's all good fun and no substitute for professional advice.

The bad news

  • Many of last year’s issues will still exist and we’ll be dealing with the repercussions of the events in the Monkey Year.

  • Around the world, there may be skirmishes and short-term warfare between gangs and countries.

  • Politically, there will be a lot of bickering, posturing and character assassination. It is not a good year for diplomacy.

The good news

  • Overall, the year will be calmer, bringing relief from the tension, shock and anxiety of 2016.

  • Ordinary people will be kinder to each other and experience more personal happiness.

  • Women will be valued this year, as will gentleness and kindness in general.

  • Disenfranchised and disempowered people can make themselves heard if they band together, and most gatherings will be peaceful demonstrations.

  • Underlying motives, past scandals, hypocrisy and bribery will be exposed to the light. People involved in human trafficking and slavery will be caught and face punishment.

  • 2017 is a great year for losing weight and getting fit.

  • The Fire Rooster brings new romance, so single people are in luck!

It could go either way

  • There will be breakdowns and changes in entrenched hierarchical systems including bureaucracies and governments.

  • Appearances will matter more, and people will take an interest in glamour, grooming and good manners.

  • We will feel our emotions – good and bad – more keenly, and feelings will change rapidly.

  • People will be more punctual, particular and focused on the details. Perfectionism will be on the increase.

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