12 challenges to keep you healthy all year

In each of our monthly newsletters, we’ll bring you a new Health Challenge for the coming month. Some will be quick and easy while others will take a little more oomph. Some may be new to you, while others may already be part of your life.

Each Challenge is designed with the Wu Xing (or “Five Elements”) in mind. The Wu Xing describes how the universe works in cyclical phases, including the way our minds and bodies respond to the seasons. Each Challenge gives your physical, mental or emotional well-being a boost just at the right time. So, if you like the look of the one for the coming month, dive in and give it a go!

Click on the months below to see each Health Challenge.

FEBRUARY: 8 minutes per day, indoors, easy

MARCH: 15 minutes several times a week, outdoors, easy

APRIL: You decide: as much time as you like, indoors or outdoors, easy or difficult

MAY: You decide: as much time as you like, indoors or outdoors, easy or difficult

JUNE: To follow

JULY: To follow

AUGUST: To follow

SEPTEMBER: To follow

OCTOBER: To follow

NOVEMBER: To follow

DECEMBER: To follow

JANUARY: To follow

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