Book of the Month: TCM Approaches to Cancer

I am often asked to recommend books that explain Chinese medicine in easy to understand terms - sometimes to satisfy a curiosity and sometimes to learn how to apply the principles of Chinese medicine to everyday life. So, I’ve decided to share one of my favourites with you each month.

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches to Cancer: Harmony in the Face of the Tiger by Henry McGrath

January’s Book of the Month is a down-to-earth, sensible and accessible read that tackles the Big C. It takes a look at cancer through the lens of Chinese Medicine. While Chinese medicine cannot cure cancer - and you should always see an Oncologist if you have a cancer diagnosis - it can be a tremendous support to those living with the illness and those at high risk of developing it.

This book goes a long way beyond acupuncture. It draws out the connections between lifestyle and illness, empowering you to make the most valuable changes. It also touches on dietary therapy, herbal medicine and tai chi qigong, offering an extra weapon in the arsenal of those doing battle with the Big C.

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