February Health Challenge

February's Health Challenge is the first in the Chinese new year. Nature is still enjoying its winter snooze at this time. The snowdrops hint at Spring but things are still pretty mellow overall. This is the time of year to gather the last of those reserves in readiness for the WHOOSH of the growing season.

Resting and storing energy now is like drawing back the string on a bow. Doing this bit right ensures that your Spring is more WHOOSH than flop.


Set aside a time each day either in the early morning or early evening. You will only need 8 minutes. During this time, do the simple tai chi qigong exercise demonstrated in this video for 3 minutes, and then sit quietly doing nothing for 5 minutes. And that’s all there is to it.

NB: As with all tai chi qigong exercises, go gently and listen to your body. If a move hurts, don’t do it. Pay particular attention to your lower back with this one if you have a history of back problems. The lady in the video is a lot bendier than most people, so don’t expect your movements to be as big as hers. Stay well within your own comfortable range.

If you enjoy this Challenge and fancy coming along to a Tai Chi Qigong class, you can find out more about them here.

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