Predictions for the Year of the Yellow Dog

All hail Fido, for it is his year to shine!

The Year of the Yellow Dog officially starts on 16th February, although the astrology will be all nicely lined up 12 days before that. Here’s our highlights from Lillian Pearl Bridgespredictions for 2018. Of course, this is all good fun and carries the usual caveat that it’s no substitute for professional legal, financial or medical advice.

Relief from tension and a bit of boredom

Overall, we can look forward to a calmer year, letting us breathe a sigh of relief after the tensions of the previous two years. In fact, it is likely to be so calm that we may get a little bored!

Bad luck for dodgy geezers

A major theme in the Year of the Dog is justice, so we’ll see some great work being done to right wrongs, uncover truth and speak honestly. This is bad news for anyone involved in dodgy dealings. They are likely to come a cropper as we get deeper into the year.

Extra luck to homes with dogs

Dogs are lucky animals in Chinese culture, and as 2018 is a Dog year, they’ll bring extra luck to the homes they live in.

If you run your own business, collaborate

2018 is a great year for partnering with other businesses. Setting competition aside, offering mutual support and sharing resources with other businesses will produce the best results in the next 12 months.

More kindness and empathy

Has a dog ever rested his furry old chin on your knee when you’re upset? Or popped an empathetic paw on you lap? We’ll see more of that (or the human equivalent) this year, which can only be a good thing.

A warm welcome for underdogs

2018 will be a cosy sort of year and we’ll want to include new members in our pack. Those who have been wandering out in the cold will be welcomed into our homes and families, and we’ll all be wonderfully hygge together.

Lillian Pearl Bridges also has some more personalised predictions that depend on the year of your birth. Follow this link and then scroll down to find them.



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