A wintry Tai Chi Qigong set (10-20 minutes)

While we are away I have a great short set for you to practice. The emphasis is on being gentle soft and fluid in your movement, and focusing a little more on the internal aspects, like breathing and meditation. Practice each move for 2-5 minutes or for as long as you feel is right for you.

Knocking on the Doors of Life

This is the warm up move that we do at the beginning of our set where we turn from the waist and let our arms ‘slap’ into our organs. This is a warming move that is good for massaging the organs and freeing the mind of the worries of the day. The kidneys are considered the centre or seed of your life energy and this move is good at invigorating them.

Raising Qi

This is the first move from our set. Start by regulating your breathing for a few moments, feeling the breath as it enters and leaves your body. When you can feel the breath fully, inhale allowing the arms to float up in front of you, with the hands hanging down from loose wrists. As you exhale let the arms return to the start position. Keep the moves smooth and fluid. Repeat.

Balancing Qi

This is the last moves from our set. Bring the hand in front of you close to the abdomen with the palms facing up and the fingers pointing towards each other. As you breathe in allow the hands to move away from the body bringing them up and round in front of you until the come to chest height with the palms facing down. As you breathe out let the hands scan down the front of the body back to the starting position at the abdomen. Repeat.

Standing or Sitting Zen

Find a comfortable standing position with the feet hip width apart and the feet parallel. Tuck the pelvis under and keep the spine nice and long. If sitting find a comfortable sitting position where the knees are bent to 90 degrees and the feet can be flat on the floor. Cross your hands on your abdomen or place them at the top of the thighs and close your eyes. Take some time to tune into your breathing and follow the breath as it travels in and out of your body. Feel how your body is feeling, see how your mind is feeling. When you are ready open your eyes, gently bringing you attention back to the room. Start to move around gently as you return.

This set will be enough to keep you fresh through the winter. You can also improve your qi by drinking black tea or cooked Pu’erh tea both of which are warming. Eating gently spiced food can be good too.

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